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Protect any perimeter with confidence with a security fence company known for quality products and outstanding service. When you need fencing, high-security gates, or security barrier maintenance and repair, call DK Security Solutions.

How did we become fencing specialists?

By having detailed knowledge and experience.

DK Security Solutions is a nationwide fencing contractor with 15+ years of experience in the manufacturing and assembly of high-security perimeter protection. We offer a variety of commercial fence and gate products, as well as fencing installation and repair.

DK Crew

Free Consultation

Let’s discuss the specifics of your project and we’ll discuss the best options depending on your needs.


Avoid issues with fences, gates, and electronics.

Our service and repair team can fix issues with your fence or gate and associated electronics. Preventative maintenance is critical to avoiding downtime. Set up a regular maintenance schedule to feel confident about your security.


This is our sole focus because when you know better, you do better. The products we offer are made with it; our craftsmanship reflects it.

Our Services

Fence Installations

Preventative Maintenance

Alterations & Repairs

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